An illustration of a brain connected to buttons with social media icons
An illustration of a brain connected to buttons with social media icons

When I’m asked what I do for a living, I say “I’m a UX designer!” which is often responded to with, “Cool … so what is that exactly?”.

And then I quote my favourite definition of UX Design:

“The application of psychology to the design of technology”Robert Hoekman Jr

They often reply with “Oh… so you’re manipulating me then?”

Now, while I’m definitely not a psychologist, I love this definition because it makes sense — as UX Designers we need to, to a certain extent, understand some psychological principles and how people think so we can predict how they will behave (interact) with our products. …

Is writing 3 pages of ‘no brain writing’ each morning, as soon as I wake up, going to change my life? A lot of people have told me so. So I tried it…

I first heard about morning pages through a colleague who said it was the most important part of his day. Each morning, he wakes up and straight away he starts writing. Not about anything in particular. He just writes, letting his half awake brain conjure up 3 pages of writing. Every morning!

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Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

Made popular through the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, morning pages are a way to free ones mind of all the creativity-blocking junk we have going through our heads each day. Effectively acting as a brain dump each morning of all our worries, plans and dreams, allowing us to be present in the day ahead. …

I’m not a good morning person.

When my alarm goes off I pretty much just roll to the edge of my bed, slap in the general direction of the sound then I just sit there waiting. I hear the bathroom door open after my flatmate has had his morning shower and on cue, I’ll finally get up. But I’m in zombie mode at this point. I’ll get a glass of water, mooch around the flat and without fail, I’m usually the last to leave, so I’ve got to lock the door. Then I’m on auto-pilot all the way to work as I get on busses and trains, carefully avoiding any sort of conversation on my commute. …


Nick Morgan-Jones

Product Designer at IXDS

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